Advertising Policy

This is the advertising policy for D20 Social, and this policy governs what is expected of you and D20 Social when you advertise on our site. The effective date of this policy is February 01, 2023 and if any changes to this policy are made, you will see the effective date modified to reflect that.This policy was written in English and any other version that is translated, compiled or copied that may deviate from this version is considered not applicable. ONLY this version of this Advertising Policy applies to any individual who signs up for a D20 Social account no matter their location or Country of origin.

Advertisers contribute to the community in many valuable ways. First they provide services and notice of services that members could find that are needed or wanted. Advertisers are required to read and follow all policies listed on D20 Social. If an advertiser is found to be in violation of our policies, we can without warning remove their ad.Advertisers are also required to comply and follow the laws in the jurisdiction that they reside in. We encourage members to report advertising on this site that appears to be racist, bigoted or otherwise in violation of our policies. We do investigate all complaints and work to ensure advertiser adhere to our policies.

Our policies prohibit ads promoting products, services, schemes or offers using deceptive or misleading practices, including those meant to scam people out of money or personal information. If an advertiser is found to be doing any of these things we do cooperate with law enforcement to ensure that all illegal activities using our advertising system are dealt with accordingly.

We have a simple system to review ads and to see if they meet our principals of advertising. However, we also know that sometimes things can get by us. It is an advertiser’s responsibility to understand and comply with our policies and rules and to be truthful when submitting an advertisement for the site. Advertisers have to take the following steps when they want to advertise on our site.

  • They need to email our advertising department at

  • They need to tell us what they are advertising, and include the hyper link they will be linking to.

  • They must tell us where they want their advertisements to show. Below are the locations we place adverts in.

    1. inline with posts - Appears at random every 10 posts

    2. Sidebar - Appears on the bottom of home sidebar

    3. Must include the graphic they want placed, or the specific ad code they want placed

We will then be able to give pricing on your ad, and can offer a flat fee for static ads per week and per month, along with a per click rate if you prefer that. However with per click rates we have a minimum 30 day ad length.