Market Rules

When placing an item in the D20 Social Market for sale etc Buyers and sellers are first and foremost responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the State they live in.

There are some pretty simple rules we require all members to follow. First is what items we allow to be placed in the market, these are the following.

1. Games, such as board games, card games, Role Playing Games.
2. Games that are classified as TTG's or Table Top Games.
3. Game modules, adventure modules.
4. Game aids such as dice, PC record sheets and other products designed to help and enhance games.
5. Books based on games, game design, game publishing etc.
6. Books that are based on Fantasy, Scifi, Steampunk etc.
7. Other products that are made to help, enhance or to be used with games.
8. Services related to games, such as editing, publishing, Art and design etc.

Along with game related items we allow, there are items that are NOT allowed to be placed. If you place the below items or items that are similar or follow the same "type" then we will remove / take down your ad and if you continue to post items as listed below you can risk other actions to be taken including action leading up to the termination of your D20 Social user account.

1. Weapons of any kind.
2. Pornography. Adult based games are allowed but they must be CLEARLY IDENTIFIED AS FOR ADULTS.
3. Drugs, including prescription drugs and medical marijuana.
4. Tobacco of any kind.
4. Alcohol of any kind.
5. Cosmetics of any kind.
6. Ammunition of any kind including fake, demilitarized, duds etc.
7. Items not game related.
8. Adult products not related to games / gaming.
9. Body parts (Yes we had to say this)
10. Anything hazardous or containing hazardous materials.
11. Dating services.
12. Supplements, food, snacks, drinks.
13. Animals, pets etc.
14. Medical or Healthcare products.
15. Anything misleading, hateful, racists or bigoted.
16. Products that have been recalled.
17. Illegal goods.
18. Stolen goods.
19. Passwords, Accounts etc.
20. Counterfeited and or "bootlegged" items.
21. Anything NOT related to gaming.
22. Items that violate the IP or Rights of others.

We reserve the right to remove any ad or item if we feel it violated this policy.

We do allow ticket sales to events such as game conventions and lectures, discussions etc that are based on gaming, game development, publishing and so on. Along with this we allow such for games that DM's will post. However the following terms apply to the posting of items like this.

1. The event posting must not violate the original ticket holders rules about reselling of tickets.
2. DM's please also place an event for your game in D20 Social's events section. You can link back and forth.
3. You must post complete information on the event, such as dates, location and your tickets limitations. (if any)

We have made the market place available to our fellow gamers as a service, and all that is really needed when using the service is some basic common sense. ALL PRODUCTS / SERVICES / ETC JUST NEED TO BE GAME RELATED.

We live in a world where sadly one has to be very careful when dealing with others. When you are responding to an ad, we suggest the following ways to help "limit" getting taken or ripped off.

1. When using PayPal NEVER EVER... Send payments via Friends and Family unless you know the person.
2. When meeting to pay / sell etc, always meet in a public area.
3. When you ship something always use a method that has a tracking number.
4. Never meet at your home. Always meet someplace public.
5. When meeting always tell someone where you are going along with where.
6. If possible always bring someone with you.
7. Do not take cashiers checks, they can be faked.
8. Exercise common sense. Be careful, never meet in secluded areas.